Disciples Seek the Lost

Disciples Seek the Lost

Disciples seek the lost. This is what Jesus did (Luke 19:10). This is what disciples do. We his ambassadors and ministers of reconciliation. The NT uses the term “ambassadors” to describe our role of seeking the lost as Jesus sought the lost. We are seeking the lost...

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Kevin serves as the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Georgetown (FBG). He is passionate about God’s Word and proclaiming the truths of the Bible.


Love God, love people and help others do the same.

My Book Recommendations

The Advantage

by Patrick Lencioni. I really enjoy Lencioni's approach to leadership and the principles he advocates. This book was easily applicable and very practical for my own leadership. If you want to have some fresh leadership ideas stirred up in your mind, pick up this book. I am glad I did.

The Fractured Republic

by Yuval Levin. Levin's book is an interesting and helpful perspective on the state of our culture. Both of our major political parties are articulating the position of many Americans, "Let's go back to the glory days..." The truth is that we can never go back. Our country has changed far too much to go back. We have been deeply affected by individualism and the nostalgic desire to go backwards will not work and does not help. Our republic is fractured. Levin actually argues for something that I found very encouraging. His description of a way forward through the revival of such things as family and community fit so well with the mission of the church. Levin actually encouraged me to see that the way things are today in our nation are presenting a great opportunity to the church to be the light of hope, unity and truth in Jesus Christ. This is not an easy read but I found it to be a helpful viewpoint on where we are and where we could go as a nation.


Study Leave – Halfway Home

Today marks the halfway point of study leave. Study leave is time that FBG provides for me to step away from my normal weekly responsibilities and focus on big picture, future planning. I am so grateful for this opportunity and benefit from it greatly. I am working on...

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Three Relationships Everyone Needs at FBG

Someone older - Find someone that is older in the faith that can help you follow Christ, understand the Bible, answer questions and challenge you beyond what you could do without someone who has gone before you. Find someone. Ask. Then take the responsibility to...

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Words with God: Invitation not Obligation

I am thankful for our current series on Prayer. Curt Sparkman, Ben Wilson and I are preaching this series. Last Sunday we kicked off the series with Curt preaching in the gym, Ben preaching at FBG Liberty Hill campus where he is the campus pastor, and me preaching in...

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SBC 2017 – Highlights from Phoenix

Lynlee and I just returned from our time at the SBC Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. I wanted to share a few  highlights with you. Time with our dear friends in the ministry. I love the opportunity that the SBC meeting provides to connect with friends in ministry, old...

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Encourager Conference

Recently, four of my closest friends and our wives led a group of other pastors and their wives through a conference designed to encourage pastors and pastors' wives. We loved the experience and are so thankful for our friends. We left very encouraged. I am already...

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About Me…Favorite Memories about my Grandparents

What are my favorite memories of my grandparents? One set of my grandparents lived in Amarillo, the town where I grew up. As an elementary aged kid I loved going over to their house on Friday night to spend the night with them. We would go out to eat as a family and...

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Home Group Guide

Click this link for the home group guides for the week of May 28. This guide is based upon the sermon from Revelation 8. Home Group Guide 5-28-17.

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Family Discipleship Ideas – Week of May 28

Family Discipleship Ideas (Deuteronomy 6:5-7) Based upon the sermon from Revelation 8: “When you wake” — As a family, several mornings this week read verses about how God listens to our prayers. Here are some options: Numbers 10:9-10 (this is a good reminder that God...

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